Personalize the back cover
Decorate the yearbook back cover with your fun and artistic images
and personal messages created with photo-editing apps
on your phone like Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

What you need to have ready before you get started with the design

1. Select 1 to 6 images and save it in a new folder on your computer.
2. Have a personal message you want to put on the page ready
3. Have your Order No. found on order confirmation email ready.

FYI, you may change and re-submit new design any time before the submission deadline. The latest submission will overwrite the prior submission.

How-to-Personalize Video Clip – Click on the image below to play.







When you are ready to start, click on LAUNCH below to start the BYP Personalize program >>

NOTE: The personalized design is due on Feb 28th, 2018.

For Mac users, we recommend using Google Chrome for better compatibility.

(The program requires a desktop computer system.
We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome over Safari as your browser. The program requires Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or up. Try launching it first and if the program does not launch because it does not have the Flash Player installed, click HERE to download it.)

After your design is submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation by email with a copy of the design you submitted. Please keep it for your record. Better Yearbook is not responsible for any claims that do not accompany the confirmation email. Also, we only accept the files designed with this program and submitted through this portal.