Hey there Yearbook Advisors, we hear you…
loud and clear.

You need the high-tech capabilities of the large yearbook companies,
but want the flexibility and quickness that only smaller companies can offer?


Better Yearbook is That Company!

We’re 20-30% better in price and value.

FREE Ground Shipping | FREE Promotional Flyers | FREE Full-color Custom Cover
FREE Back Cover Personalization (time-limited)
FREE T-shirt prize for the cover drawing contest

Need more time for the pages? You got it.

Don’t leave out late spring events just because you had to turn in your pages early.
California schools can turn in pages as late as May for May delivery.

Not too savvy with the page design software?
Trust us. You’re not the only one.

BYP Layout software program, our propriety layout design program, makes it easy and fun to
work on the pages to collaborate with parent volunteer and students. It’s semi-automatic process and
advanced tools and features will make sure you get the design you are proud to show quickly and painlessly.


Click on the image below and check out the 6 Key Features of the BYP Layout software

Why not have your own drawing for the cover?

We encourage you to have the students participate in yearbook publishing by
hosting a cover design contest. This motivates the students (and parents) to get
involved in the yearbook process and creates more enthusiasm and
interest in the yearbook.

See more ideas for the cover >>

We made it SUPER EASY to personalize the back cover
with your own images and messages!

Our easy-to-use BYP Personalize® online software program allows parents to insert their
favorite pictures of their children from the school year and write a special message
to their children to express their love and pride in all of their accomplishments.

See more samples >>

Our staff makes all the difference.

Our friendly and responsive staff will help you get set up, manage your time with periodic
reminders, train you on the software, review your work in progress, get over the huddles
when you run into difficulties, and do so much more.