Pre-order your yearbook online.

Please be advised that the online pre-order service is available only to the schools who have opted in for the option. If your school is not in the dropdown list, please place the order through your school.


About your order

All orders are shipped to the school for distribution towards the end of the school year. To order two or more copies for the same child, please change the order quantity and fill out the student information for each student.

Not sure whether you placed your order or not?

First, check your email inbox and search for “Better Yearbook” for your order confirmation email.
If you don’t find it in the inbox, most likely you have not placed your order. If you are still in doubt,
please email us your school name, the student name, and the email address you used for your order to We will check it for you.

About the cover type option

The hard-cover option is available for those schools who requested it.
All orders are soft-cover by default.

About the back cover personalization option

If your school offers the option to personalize the back cover, you may choose the option with your yearbook order during checkout. The option is offered for free as an early-bird incentive for those who pre-order their yearbook before Oct. 31. Use promo code: “1031”.
The option can be purchased for $7 afterward. Your design is due on Feb 28, 2018.